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Picture of Sadiq Rizvi
by Sadiq Rizvi - Wednesday, 19 September 2018, 10:10 AM
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lmao what do I do here?

Picture of Anna Spencer
by Anna Spencer - Friday, 7 September 2018, 2:47 PM
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Hi in computing

Picture of Charlie Ajaib
by Charlie Ajaib - Wednesday, 5 September 2018, 12:28 PM
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Picture of Ben Coultish
by Ben Coultish - Thursday, 5 July 2018, 11:26 AM
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Picture of Nathan Walsh
by Nathan Walsh - Wednesday, 13 June 2018, 9:06 AM
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Doug stole my computer don't worry I still hate him

Kind regards Nathan xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Picture of Nathan Walsh
by Nathan Walsh - Wednesday, 13 June 2018, 9:03 AM
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I'm sorry everyone me and Doug have hit a rough patch recently as seen on the blog but we have made up and decided to get married... I know this may come as a shock especially to my baby momma but we just cant stay away from each other... our love is too strong, thank you everyone.

Love Nathan and Douglas the big boi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anyone in the world

Doug I don't think you realise how much of a silly little boy you are harassing me but i've had enough of it and I know why you are doing this to me, it's because you're JEALOUS! You mentioned earlier that i'm in a metal band that you were removed from if i remember correctly, obviously you are jealous that you had to be Bass and you didn't get to be rhythm guitar also you had to sing and you didn't get to scream which I know you enjoy so much. It didn't take me long to deduce this it was elementary my dear Doug. Your first mistake was mentioning the band it meant you still had been hurt from it and your second was saying i smell bad because everyone knows that smell is to do with metal... idk where this is going... Doug you are tall and you can't read, You may have the moral high ground but i have the high ground and I'll chop your legs of like obi wan did to Anakin in the best star wars movie ever. You just wait, don't even try and respond because I'll get team 2 (because everyone has left :( ) to come get you and pown you just like I always do.

Love, Nathaniel xxx

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Anyone in the world

Even the title has had enough of your shiz. It's time to be responsible adults, take the moral high ground, and as a 6ft 2 boy with vertigo this should be much harder for me. You still haven't managed to do it which means I'm braver and more courageous and by extension better in every single way. I learnt in RE that this means you're going to hell and Jesus doesn't love you, but you wouldn't know that as short course scum. Anyhow, I'm moving on (very far away, because you smell bad).


Love, Doug

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Anyone in the world

1) He is small ;)

2) He plays bass XD only bass players play bass

3) He likes George Ezra

4) He smells like Lynx

6) He hates cats

3) He compliments me

2) He sings like a girl, Anna Marshall is better. She can hit that note Doug

10) He lost a fight with me

9) He's egotistical

11) He's so hot... I mean ewww he's so ugly am I right? tee hee

12) He's tall and I hate tall people

12) He's smelly

13) He cant count

Kind regards Nathaniel Francis Walsh xxx

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Anyone in the world

He is always a very mean person, with a very small IQ. He took the Ed Sheeran part away from me in WWRY, which I really wanted, which is very rude and I hate him. Once I said hi and he attempted to assault me but obviously I won the fight because I am stronger and better than him. He smells funny and probably does illegal drugs because he is in a METAL band. I would never be in a band because that's wrong and against Jeebus.

Sincerely Doug xxx 

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