Topic outline

  • e-safety MultiMedia Project



    • E-Safety Multimedia Project

      Task 1

      Create a spider diagram with as many different elements of e-safety that you can think of. This task could be carried out on paper, in word or on-line using software such as


      The Project

      Your teacher will split you into your team for the project, you are expected to work well together and to use each person’s strengths and abilities.

      You have been asked to create a multimedia project about e-safety. It will be shown to the new year 7’s in September. It must be informative, appealing and appropriate to the target audience.

      You have 4 lessons to plan and to create your project. so you will have to desicde what needs to be done, in one order and by when - to make sure that you meet the deadline.

      The focus of the project is to inform the new year 7 students about e-safety, you can choose either one part of this topic or many different areas. You can also choose what you create and how you create it, but you should try to make something original.

      Multimedia elements you may choose to use:
      tip: don’t try to do too much, it is worth doing one thing well rather than lots of nothing

      • Text
      • Sound
      • Images
      • Video
      • Animation
      • Photography
      • Interactivity e.g. in a PowerPoint


      Each Student must hand in:

      • A project plan – this could include a storyboard, sketch, script, a written description,
      • Time, tasks & how you will split up the workload
      • A completed multi-media project
      • A self-evaluation of the project


      • Resources

        Assessment grid - use this form the start of this unit to make sure you are working to improve your grade

        Tasks & time - Template for time, tasks and task delegation

        Self-evaluation form - Everyone must complete a self-evaluation at the end of the project

        VLE - This will have a lot of resources and tutorials for using many of the different multimedia software you can use in your project

        The internet - you will be able to find useful tutorials and resources, a good website for many difffernt types of softwear is:

        Help within the software - Don't forget about this useful resource

        Other students - Without looking too far you will be able to find someone with specific knowledge