Topic outline

  • TV advert Task

    Fulford Festival

    You have been asked to create a YouTube video to promote next year’s music festival. You have been provided with video files and it’s up to you to edit these down to 1 minute length. You don’t have to use all the videos but you will need to edit the video, add effects and edit a separate audio track to be played over the video.

    Your advert must:

    • Be 1 minute long
    • Be made up of clips from a minimuim of 3 different videos
    • Transitions between clips
    • Include a title and text information about the event
    • Fulford Festival.
    • Saturday July 25th.
    • Tickets £50.
    • See for more details.



    Your advert could include:

    • A backing track or voice over
    • Sound effects
    • Credits
    • A logo / branding
    • Research

      Look at the examples of 30 second video that are advertising albums. What features are common?

      • Make a list of features a good advert has.
      • How many songs / videos feature in a 30 second advert?
      • What kind of overall style do the adverts have? Can the slick editing be recreated?

      Link: Template for research task

      The video files for the research task can be found here:

      W:\008. Computing\Year 9\2 - Movie editing festival advert\A - research\30 second examples


      • Plan

        Create a plan. Using a storyboard could be the best solution.

        • How many mini videos will you use?
        • Which mini videos will you use?
        • In what order?
        • How long will the mini video clips last?
        • What narration will there be? And where?
        • What writing will you add? Title? Labels? Credits? Act names?

        The videos you can edit from are here: W:\008. Information Technology\yr 9\2 - Movie editing festival advert\C - create\videos for editing

        Link: Storyboard template (with annotations like in the image below)

        Link: Storyboard template with out annotation

        • Edit

          Edit videos and combine them together to create your advert.

          • Use Serif Movie Plus to chop down the mini clips to the right size.
          • Combine the mini clips together one after the other – add in stylish transitions.

          You will find the resources for this task here:

          Shared area \008. Information Technology\yr 9\2 - Movie editing festival advert\C - create

          • Text & Labels

            Add text & labels following your plan

            The following text should be included:

            • Fulford Festival.
            • Saturday July 26th.
            • Tickets £50.
            • See for more details.

            You could also think about adding artist names and any other details you think is important.

            • Extension activity

              Create and record a script and sync it to your video

              e.g The acts at the festival will be....

              You can use Audacity to edit your sound before improting it into Serif Movie Plus.
              • Feedback and Review

                Use the Peer assessment sheet to get feedback on your work. When you have the feedback you should make improvements based on this.

                Link: Peer assessment form


                Review of your Movie

                You should create a document to review your movie, this should be detailed and give reasons and examples.

                Have you met the different parts of the brief?

                It should be one minute long


                It should be made up of clips from a minimum of 3 different videos


                There should be Transitions between clips


                Does it include a title and the below information about the event?


                          Fulford Festival


                          Saturday July 25th


                          Tickets £50.


                          See for       more details.



                What works well?

                What didn’t work well? And how could this be improved?

                If you have more time what would you do to improve your product?

                How well did you work throughout this project? Is there anything you would do differently or spend more time on?

                If you were to do a similar project what target would you set yourself?